Luxurecourt Safety Pins Assorted Large & Small 4 Size Pack of 250 with Travelling Case

Are you a creative person? Are you a designer? A teacher? Or are you simply a parent seeking ways to keep your children occupied? One of the most incredible ways to finish your project, pin at measured marks, and keep your kids safe all at the same time is to use pins. Our sharp needles can readily penetrate any cloth, making your necessity and design more accessible. Luxurecourt has created a heavy-duty safety Pins Set that will save you time and effort in all of your regular duties. Our pins are nickel. Plated Steel is rust-resistant and can withstand high pressure. We want to ensure your creative expressions are safe, so we've included a reusable storage box with large, tiny, and mini safety pins. Our pins are constructed with Safety in Mind, so the sharp edge is covered when the pins are locked, preventing any unexpected mishaps.

$ 5.55 | $ 12.67

About Our Safety Pins

Nickel Plated Steel Bear High Pressure and it’s Rust-Resistant. Are you an artist? A crafter? A sewer? Or just a parent looking to keep your kids entertained? Safety pins are one of the best ways to complete your project, pin at measured marks, and keep your kids protected all at the same time. The sharp needle can easily enter every fabric, providing convenience for your emergency and design.

A MULTIPURPOSE PACK: We want to ensure your creative work, which is why we’ve included large, small, and mini safety pins in a convenient reusable storage box

Our Pack Includes:Our BOX CONTAIN 4 DIFFERENTLY SIZED  pins full range of 250 pieces.

0.75″ (19mm) pins, 50-count
0.87″ (22mm) pins, 100-count
1.06″ (27mm) pins, 60-count
1.46″ (37mm) pins, 40-count

Nickel Plated Steel, Durable and Sharp Edge

  • The Ultimate Pins Assorted Pack: Our upgraded box now contains 4 DIFFERENTLY SIZED  pins to meet all your daily needs: 0.75″(19mm) 50-count, 0.87″(22mm) 100-count, 1.06″(27mm) 60-count and 1.50″(37mm) 40-count. Total 250 pins in one box.
  • Made With Safety In Mind: It Is A Sharp Product And Should Be Kept Out Of Reach Of Children, small and large pins will protect your fingers from sharp marks and pricks safety clasp which keeps the pins locked and cover the sharp end to protect your fingers from accidents.
  • Durable Big Pins For Projects: Forget all about flimsy craft  pins that get easily bent or rust after a while! Our  pins are durable because our  pins made with high Nickel Plated Steel. Get creative, complete small tasks, and work around the house with a class.
  • Everyday USE: Our Pins In Assorted Sizes Perfect For Everyday Use, Fastening Running Bibs, To Hold Bandage, Sewing, Clothing Fastening, Crafting, Perfect for Stitching, Secure your little angel’s diapers with a timeless safety pins set!

$ 5.55 | $ 12.67